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Look your best whilst the winter weather decides

February 04 2015

Post written by Sharon Ive.

As beautiful as it is winter sunlight can be harsh and we want to look our best on a bright cold sunny morning as well as a grey melancholy day so her are three simple tips to make your face feel fabulous through these skin destroying months.

3 simple tips

1. Skin. Look after it; it's very important



Use a gentle exfoliating product such as Clarins Gentle Refiner to polish the skin so that its glowing before you use your favourite moisturiser Liz Earle Super skin moisture is great, finish with Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Skin Perfecting Make up for a dewey finish.

2. Bronzer. Your skin will thank you


Bronzers our bestfriend at this time of year go for a light shade to enhance the skin tone and sculpt the face by sweeping across the temples,cheekbones and under the jaw line.

Try Clarins Limited Edition Bronzers

3. Brows.


Brows lift and frame the face whether its a fine precise shape you love or fuller Cara Delevingne brow its very youthful, Charlotte Tilbury Brow lift is a must. Make sure that your eyebrows are correctly positioned to enhance your Valentines Day unimpressed face when he comes home with just a box of chocolates. I asked for flowers and a Lush bath bomb thank you very much.

Finish with lip plumping balm Dior have the best!


Post written by Sharon Ive. Click here to see more of her work.

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