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Ruby Barhill, star of the new Steven Spielberg BFG Movie styled by Faye Sawyer

The perfect dress has to be seen and touched, and helping Ruby to find the right look for her many upcoming media appearances was... who else... one of the best London's celebrity and movie stylists' Faye Sawyer, who brought together a vast and magnificent selection of outfits to choose from. And among so many options, Ruby chose the original green silk couture dress with 23 meters of French lace, designed by Lazy Francis.


by Chase Aston, Make Up Artist


This classic mascara is always one of my Pro-Kit staples. I always this on photo shoots, videos, film , and on location in hot climates.

The wand grips the lashes perfectly, ensuring full and even coverage from the base of the lash to the tips, ensuring perfect definition and amazing volume, whilst the Waterproof format ensures no budging, smudging or transfer.

Follow these simple steps to ensure fabulous lashes:using an eyelash curler, place at the root of the lashes and squeeze, then gently draw through lashes and squeeze again, this will ensure  wide awake , fanned lash look.

Then take an eyelash comb and comb through lashes to separate lashes, this will help to avoid lashes clumping

Now take the mascara wand, and place at the base of the lashes, then zig zag the wand side to side as you draw the wand up and through the lashes to the tips, repeat for desired lash effect

#CHMReviews – New Clairins Boosters

By Natalie Daoud

Never before have I been so excited to review a product; such is the brilliance of Clarins’ Beauty Boosters. This unique trio of products that boasts three varieties for all skin-stances: Detox, Energy and Repair. Boosters are vitamin-charged concentrates to supplement your daily moisturizers, to be used as little or as often as you want.  It is complete skincare autonomy.

We’ve all experienced those late nights where a tipple turns into six Gin and Tonics. After such evenings a detox is mandatory.  I used a precious three drops of Detox, and was pleased and intrigued by the fact that it didn’t change the consistency of my moisturizer. The combination of the detox and the daily cream bestowed much needed nutrients to my skin, leaving it feeling tight with an inexplicable sun-kissed glow. Perhaps it should be renamed radiance booster.

It is Wednesday. The hump of the week that plagues us all. I reluctantly open my eyes and climb out of bed, morosely trudging to face the day. I hopefully applied a few drops of Energy, and it was a dermalogical awakening. My skin felt refreshed and looked visibly brighter. The sudden transformation can only be equated to giving your skin an espresso (more likely this is the Ginseng in the ingredients).

Two nights ago, my hastiness to get to bed forced me to commit the cardinal skincare skin – I used makeup wipes. Those with sensitive skin will know that a sudden bout of rosacea is not uncommon after such incidents. That evening, in atonement, I mixed some of the Repair drops with my night cream. The professional packaging propounds the regenerating properties of the boosters, and Clarins’ does it deliver. This, combined with a full eight hours of sleep and my skin was not only completely regenerated and rejuvenated, but there was not one hint of rosacea. I had been forgiven.

Beauty boosters are unparalleled by any product on the market, and I predict they are here to stay. Don’t be late to the trend, get shopping and remember you heard it here first.