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Mens Grooming

Ephraim Onyebule, popularly known as ‘Eph the Barber’, is a London based hair stylist/barber with over 20 years experience. Over the years he has had the opportunity to build a reputable brand through his exposure to various clients. Eph's experience includes Film and TV hair grooming.

He has worked with brands such as Conde Nast (GQ), Vanity Fair, Jo Malone, Amazon, Netflix, and more.  

Eph has a strong passion to see upcoming barbers/hair stylists also succeed in the industry, which has led him to provide training opportunities to transfer his knowledge and expertise to new talent. He offers training at his base in Vauxhall (eph’s grooming lounge) and his goal is to empower new hairstylists to develop what it takes to stand out in the industry.