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Carol Morley

Makeup Artist
Mens Grooming
Hair & Makeup

Hair by request

Carol Morley's journey in the creative industry began with a passion for textiles and led her to explore various dimensions of art and beauty. A graduate in Textile Design from Central St Martins, Carol's education was more than a degree; it was a catalyst that ignited a multifaceted career bridging illustration, fashion, make-up artistry, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Upon completing her studies, Carol's artistic flair caught the eye of the fashion world. She spent years illustrating the fashion pages of prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. Her acute understanding of textiles and a knack for capturing the essence of garments made her the perfect choice to illustrate the couture shows in Paris for The Independent Newspaper. Her illustrations were more than mere images; they were narratives, telling the story of each designer's vision and the elegance of haute couture.

Carol's talents extended beyond the sketchbook as she ventured into the world of body painting. Initially asked to body paint models for various shoots, she found herself drawn to the intimate craft of enhancing and transforming human canvases. This newfound interest inevitably led her to become a make-up artist, a role in which her artistic sensibility could flourish even further.

A significant milestone in Carol's make-up career was the opportunity to assist the renowned Pat McGrath. Working at runway shows for avant-garde designers such as Hussein Chalayan allowed her to immerse herself in the exciting pace and creativity of high-end fashion shows. Under McGrath's guidance, Carol honed her skills, transforming faces into works of art, each reflecting the vision and theme of the designer.

Spanning over two decades, Carol's make-up career has been as diverse as it has been illustrious. From celebrities to fashion and beauty shoots, from men's grooming to music videos, Carol's artistry has touched various facets of the industry. Her creativity has even found expression in children's fashion brands such as Burberry, where her ability to capture innocence and playfulness through make-up set her apart.

In addition to her work in make-up and illustration, Carol has also channeled her artistic talents into the world of ceramics and painting. Running a successful online business called "kabinshop," she has become a recognized name in the realm of handcrafted ceramics. Her pieces, infused with the same elegance and creativity that defines her illustrations and make-up artistry, have found homes with admirers across the globe.

Carol's career is a testament to the boundless possibilities that exist within the creative industry. From textiles to illustrations, from make-up artistry to ceramics, she has navigated different artistic domains with grace and excellence. Her ability to adapt and evolve, to learn and create, has not only enriched her professional journey but has also contributed to the broader artistic landscape. With every brushstroke, every contour, and every piece of art, Carol continues to inspire and bring beauty into the world, one creation at a time. Her story is a vivid tapestry woven with creativity, dedication, and an enduring love for all things beautiful.

Carol Morley