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Bettina Vetter

Still Life & Interior Stylists

Bettina Vetter's impressive career in the fashion world spans an amazing 13 years, including her time as a graduate from Central Saint Martins. She began her styling career as London Editor for prominent German fashion publications before transitioning to roles such as Editor of 'Style Notes' at You Magazine and Jewellery Editor at Inspire magazine.

With a passion for conceptualizing, styling, and art directing shoots, Bettina has turned her focus towards still life imagery, an area where her creative talents truly shine.

Commercially, Bettina's portfolio is extensive. She has styled and art directed a wide array of campaigns, look books, and shoots for some of the most prestigious names in the industry, including renowned jewelry houses, fashion brands, and beauty giants. Her ability to capture the essence of a brand has made her a sought-after name in commercial fashion.

Her work's elegance and creativity have been showcased in leading international publications, highlighting her influence in the world of fashion. From Italian and Russian Vogue to British Glamour, Bettina's contributions can be seen across various stylish and iconic magazines.

Bettina's artistic process is dynamic and collaborative. She enjoys bringing her creative briefs to life by constructing her own sets, adding a personalized touch to every project. She collaborates with talented artists and set designers, forming a synergistic relationship that enhances the visual narrative of her work.

Her collaboration with photographers has also been a significant aspect of her success. Bettina has worked with an array of talented and renowned photographers, each collaboration further refining her artistic vision and technique.

Bettina Vetter's career is a testament to her creativity, dedication, and skill. Her love for fashion and art direction is evident in every project, reflecting her unique style and innovative approach.

Bettina Vetter