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Vaishaly Patel

Vaishaly Patel

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Facialist and Skin Specialist

Vaishaly Signature Facial, The Vaishaly Signature Facial, is as individual as each client and their specific skincare needs. Recognising that these are always changing, reflecting seasonal and hormonal factors and our general state of wellbeing, every step of this expertly prescriptive facial - incorporating deep-cleansing, skilful and effective extraction, gentle microdermabrasion to lift off dead skin cells, followed by high frequency, a fantastic multi-functional tool that effectively dries and closes pores after extraction that also has a germicidal effect killing any bacteria in the skin (particularly beneficial for oily or acne skins) - that delivers a clearer, smoother, softer and naturally radiant complexion.

Vaishaly’s facial massage technique - known to beauty insiders as ‘her anti-ageing beauty secret’ - is what makes her Signature Facial so sought after. Vaishaly believes that it is the state of one’s mind that ages us. All emotional and mental stress is held in our body and this in return is expressed outwardly in our skin. This is why Vaishaly believes it is fundamental to ‘switch client’s mind’s off’ during the facial, transporting them to a place of complete and deep relaxation.

This technique immediately rebalances and harmonises the whole body and skin enabling it to appear more youthful and stress free with an internal glow. After just one treatment the combination of healing properties of organic essential oils and ingredients in Vaishaly’s signature skincare range and her unique massage techniques will improve elasticity and tone, boost circulation, and eliminate puffiness. Defining facial contours and features as well as plumping the skin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles to reveal an even, radiant and polished youthful complex

Vaishaly Patel