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Sam Duffy


Sam Duffy has studied graphic design, prop making and display.  As a child she was always either sewing or crafting. Working as a still life stylist, Sam has worked on projects ranging from window displays, photographic shoots, installations and she is responsible for numerous press events, where she not only styles the ‘space but also makes the props’. Sam’s motto has always been ‘if I can’t find what I need for a shoot, I’ll simply make it’.

Sam has made lamp shades for Fearne Cotton’s London house, up-cycled furniture items for Gok’s home and worked with Pippa Middleton to style and craft many items in her recent book.

Sam launched her new venture, PaperSam, at the Country Living Exhibition in London, November 2016 and was awarded the ‘Editor’s Choice’.

“I love paper, ephemera, fabric and vintage finds, I have made things since I was a child. I loved creating my first online collection from my garden workshop in North London, it definitely felt like the right time for me”.

Sam Duffy