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Lydia O’Carroll

Hair Stylist
Mens Grooming

Lydia O'Carroll stands out as an exceptionally talented hairstylist and male groomer with a career that spans over 18 years. Her journey began in Dublin, where she started her hairstyling apprenticeship in a small salon called Robert Chambers, and later, Lunatic Fringe. It was here that she discovered her love for hairstyling and began to develop the skill set that would lead her to international recognition.

After gaining valuable experience in Dublin, Lydia took the bold step of joining the internationally acclaimed salon Toni & Guy. This move marked a significant milestone in her career, where she honed her skills in cutting and styling. More than just improving her technical abilities, Lydia discovered her passion for session work while working alongside the talented artistic team at Toni & Guy. This period of growth culminated in her qualifying through their intense Vardering system at their prestigious headquarters academy on Clarendon Street, a testament to her commitment to excellence.

Lydia's ambitions were not confined to her home country. With a dream of working among the best and a desire to push her creative boundaries, she moved to New York City. Her aspirations were high, aiming to collaborate with industry icons like Guido Palau, Eugene Souleiman, Orlando Pita, Odile Gilbert, and Sam McKnight. Through determination, talent, and an unrelenting work ethic, Lydia achieved these goals, working on prestigious fashion shows in NYC, Milan, and Paris.

Lydia's expertise extends across a wide spectrum of hairstyling techniques. She specializes in cutting, styling, extensions, wigs, and setting. Her understanding of hair as a versatile medium has allowed her to create stunning visual effects, playing with texture, volume, and form. Whether working on a high-fashion runway show or personalizing a look for a private client, Lydia's work is characterized by an elegant fusion of technical precision and artistic flair.

But what sets Lydia apart is more than just her exceptional skill set. It's her love for her craft and her ability to see hair as a canvas for artistic expression. Her work isn't merely about shaping and coloring hair; it's about understanding the personality, lifestyle, and aspirations of the people she works with. Every cut, every style is a tailored response to an individual's unique identity.

Lydia's journey from a small salon in Dublin to the fashion capitals of the world is not just a story of professional success. It's a narrative of personal growth, of dreams realized, and of a passion that continues to burn brightly. Her work resonates with a profound understanding of beauty, style, and individuality. In Lydia's hands, hair becomes more than just a physical attribute; it becomes a statement, a form of self-expression, and a celebration of the person within.

Lydia O’Carroll