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Liga Tukmane

Hair Stylist

Liga Tukmane is an Internationally Published Manicurist with over 12 years’ experience.  Nail Design is her great passion. She constantly looks for inspirations for her upcoming assignments and editorials, and finds innovative responses to briefs given. In 2015 she has second place at Nailympics competition, section - Runway Nails.  In 2016 she has completed a Mastered Course mentored by Marian Newman. In 2017 she was announced a Scratch Finalist on Paint and Polish Artist Category.

Her work includes editorials for  L'official Mada,Dreamingless Magazine, Vogue Italia, Lucy's Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Jute Magazine, Factice Magazine, oobmag.
Clients: E.Mi-International, Miss Selfrige, Gomez Gracia, London Fashion Week/Fashion Scout, Oxford Fashion Studio,Mirasadijewels, Sofia Carson, Noomi Rapace

Liga Tukmane