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Lee Flude

Still Life & Interior Stylists
Presenters & Brands

Lee Flude is a multifaceted talent in the world of set, prop, and creative production design, offering her exceptional services for advertising and editorial content across the globe. With a keen eye for detail and a remarkable ability to transform abstract ideas into tangible realities, she's become a sought-after name in her field.

From the initial conception to the final creation, Lee manages the entire design process. She is adept at reviewing proposals and concepts, sourcing the perfect props, and building projects from the ground up. Her skills enable client visions to materialize into stunning sets, whether in the studio or on location.

Lee’s collaborative approach is one of her many strengths. She often works closely with a highly creative team of set builders and assistants, orchestrating a seamless workflow that guarantees timely delivery without compromising quality or exceeding budget. Her leadership and expertise have earned her the trust and respect of her team, ensuring that each project is executed to perfection.

Her commercial clientele is as diverse as it is prestigious, encompassing a wide range of sectors including fashion, retail, technology, and lifestyle. From renowned fashion magazines to major retail brands and sports giants, Lee’s touch can be seen in the visual aesthetics of various influential names in the industry. Her ability to adapt her style and deliver unique designs tailored to the specific needs of each client has solidified her reputation as a versatile and innovative designer.

What sets Lee apart is her unending passion for her craft and her willingness to push creative boundaries. Her work is a testament to her innovative thinking and artistic prowess, creating visual narratives that not only complement but elevate the content they support.

In a competitive and ever-evolving industry, Lee Flude stands as a beacon of creativity and professionalism. Her extensive portfolio reflects not only her technical mastery but also her artistic intuition and her ability to breathe life into every project she undertakes.

Lee Flude