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Kierra Campbell

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Kierra is an inspirational entrepreneur and business partner in Poodle and Blonde - a boutique destination for an exquisite and unique range of wallpaper, fabric, cushions, and various interior objects.

She has been challenging the traditionally accepted routes and paving her own way throughout all her life. At the age of 16, Kierra decided to start climbing the corporate ladder, despite her grandmother’s more conservative aspirations for her. With her intrinsic love of art and beauty, she went into fashion visual merchandising, first for Marks&Spencer and then for Selfridges. While working in Selfridges she discovered her true passion for interior design and production, at which she quickly excelled.

Motivated by nature to always explore and try something new, Kierra opened her first business of screen printing. This was not only a creative outlet for Kierra, where she could be inspired by her Caribbean heritage and everything around her, but it was a valuable experience, which has shown her the need to improve her understanding and widen her knowledge of the industry and all the business processes in it. She got an internship in House of Hackney, a luxury interiors label in London while working two extra jobs on the side. Five months later, all her hard work paid off - Kierra was promoted to a permanent position and continued being the creative wizard in the company for 2 years, building her expertise and becoming a true professional in the field.

Meeting Whinnie Williams was life-changing for both of them. By then Kierra was a freelance Production Consultant for emerging interior brands, and after just one meeting they became business partners of Poodle and Blonde. The company has been making noise in the luxury interior industry for three years now, constantly redefining and broadening the conventional understanding of luxury in interiors. The duo works seamlessly together, with Kierra as a managing director focused not only on the strategic vision for the company but all the day-to-day operations, including the development and customization of new concepts for the clients.

With a lot yet to come, Kierra is already an inspiration to not only her twelve siblings and her baby daughter but to a whole generation of young rebels and innovators, encouraging everyone to follow their dreams, try, fail and try again.

Kierra Campbell