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Katrin Rees

Makeup Artist
Hair & Makeup
Mens Grooming

Katrin Rees's twelve-year career in makeup and hairstyling is a captivating narrative that spans the globe, taking her from the glitz of Los Angeles to the natural beauty of Nairobi. Her extensive experiences have not only honed her skills but also enriched her artistic perspective, allowing her to work in virtually every facet of her field.

A prominent name behind the scenes at major Fashion Week events, Katrin has had the opportunity to collaborate with top designers and models, contributing to defining runway looks and trends. Her involvement in prestigious events like the BAFTA awards showcases her ability to create dazzling red-carpet-ready looks. Furthermore, Katrin's touch has been felt in high-profile press tours and commercial campaigns, where her elegance and flair have shaped visual narratives.

Her distinguished clientele reflects her unmatched talent and adaptability. Working with celebrities like Katherine Ryan and Hayley Atwell, CEOs, and even political figures such as Prime Ministers, Katrin's portfolio is as diverse as her skills. Her ability to cater to such a wide range of individuals demonstrates her professionalism and versatile approach.

Katrin's signature style, known for its emphasis on glowing skin that seems to radiate from within, has been featured in leading publications like Marie Claire, Glamour, and Elle. This extensive editorial exposure speaks volumes about her artistic vision and ability to transform beauty concepts into stunning visual realities.

However, what sets Katrin apart is her unique ability to create a warm and affable yet professional environment for her clients. Whether working with a celebrity or a private individual, she ensures that everyone leaves her chair feeling empowered, confident, and the best version of themselves. This personal touch not only cements her reputation as an exceptional makeup artist and hairstylist but also as a trusted confidante.

Katrin Rees's illustrious career paints the picture of a true artist at work, one whose creativity knows no bounds and whose passion resonates in every brushstroke. From the world's fashion capitals to the intimate setting of her makeup chair, Katrin's influence is far-reaching and her legacy enduring. Her genuine connection with clients and her commitment to excellence make her a beloved figure in the industry—a professional whose artistry transforms not just appearances but also lives. Her work continues to inspire and enchant, and her approach to beauty goes beyond mere aesthetics, embodying a philosophy that celebrates the individual and the extraordinary.

Katrin Rees