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Jade Ford


Jade Ford isn't just a manicurist; she's a nail artist who infuses creativity and passion into every stroke of polish. With a true talent for creating extraordinary nail art, she approaches each appointment as an opportunity to craft a personalized masterpiece. When you place your hands in Jade's care, you can expect to leave with more than just a manicure; you will walk away with a work of art that reflects your unique personality and style.

Based in the dynamic intersection of fashion, media, and entertainment, Jade has become a sought-after name among high-profile clients. Her work has graced the Red carpet, and she has lent her artistry to television shows, media events, and editorial shoots. Collaborating with stars and industry insiders, Jade consistently delivers exceptional nail designs that complement the most glamorous and sophisticated ensembles.

But Jade's work isn't just about aesthetics; it's about connection and collaboration. She truly enjoys the artistic process of designing nails, engaging with her clients to understand their preferences and vision. Whether it's elegant press-ons for a special event, luxurious manicures and pedicures for a pampering session, BioSculpture soft gels for lasting beauty, or extensions for a bold transformation, Jade ensures that every treatment is tailored to meet individual needs and desires.

Jade's expertise extends to all facets of nail care. Utilizing the latest techniques and quality products, she offers an array of services that elevate nail care to an art form. From classic treatments to avant-garde designs, Jade's portfolio showcases her range and versatility as a nail artist.

One of the hallmarks of Jade's work is her attention to detail. Whether you're seeking an understated elegance or a bold and trendy statement, Jade's precision and creativity will bring your vision to life. Her understanding of color, texture, and design allows her to create looks that are as distinctive as they are beautiful. Jade's nails are not just accessories; they are expressions of individuality.

Jade Ford