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Debbie Thomas


Debbie Thomas founded the D. Thomas Clinic, a luxury high science skin clinic with a passion for beautiful skin, in 2009. During this time she has become a go-to for A-list stars and brands for her honest practical advice on all things skin. 

Debbie single-handedly built up her business in London's SW3 area through sheer determination and hard work, an achievement she is extremely proud of having had an underprivileged upbringing. 

Go back 22 years, Debbie left college with a combination of beauty and holistic health qualifications and one focus: to make people feel good through health and wellness. However, a couple of years later, while struggling with embarrassing and stressful adult acne she came to one conclusion. After trying a variety of different spot creams, prescription medication and every holistic facial in the book, she realised that a face mask and soothing spa music just wasn’t cutting it. Her focus abruptly changed as she realised how important having confidence about her skin was to her general wellbeing. 

Setting her apart from a sea of skin specialists, Debbie became obsessed with the science behind what causes problem skin. This in-depth knowledge, combined with holistic and beauty training, set her on the path of developing her signature technique which would go on to help even the most desperate of clients. Today Debbie leads an eco-conscious lifestyle at home with her husband Richard, living a high- quality, plant based diet and is committed to one hundred percent cruelty-free products. 

One of Debbie’s first big breaks was with renowned skincare cosmetician Ole Henriksen. She worked alongside Henriksen at his Los Angeles location as a UK trainer and brand ambassador, who taught her the invaluable lesson to go with her gut and break free of the traditional branded jelly mould facials, that were the norm. She learned that each client’s skin is different and using a ‘one facial fits all’ approach wouldn’t produce the best results for the individual. Debbie then moved to a top Notting Hill salon in London where she had her first experience of the advanced benefits of high science light-based treatments. When she trained in and provided the IPL Photofacial, which she fondly describes as her lightbulb moment, she realised this was the missing piece to truly give her power to really make a big difference to people's skin. 

Ten years ago, Debbie saw there was a gap in the market and with perseverance and continued hard work, she set out to start her own clinic that provided a ‘hybrid super facial’. This new facial treated the skin on every level through cutting edge high science skin treatments, but with elements of the comforting experience of a classic spa. Building on this, Debbie came up with a unique set of treatments that has changed the lives of so many people, giving them the confidence that everyone deserves. Her one-of-a-kind techniques became tremendously successful, which lead to Debbie opening the doors to her own flagship clinic in 2017, D.Thomas Clinic, on the iconic Walton Street. Since first opening, it has grown to include a team of therapists, a list of celebrity clients including, most recently, Dua Lipa, Jordan Dunn and Vogue Williams and has earned a professional and public reputation that’s a cut above the rest.

Debbie Thomas