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Carol Lopez Reid

Makeup Artist
Presenters & Brands

Carol Lopez Reid is a distinguished name in the world of beauty and fashion, recognized for her profound artistry and innovative approach to styling. With an eye for detail and a flair for creativity, Carol has crafted a career that sets her apart as a stylist of choice for celebrities, models, and top-tier publications.

Carol's clientele is a reflection of her versatility and excellence in the field. She has worked with celebrated personalities such as:

Amanda Holden: The television presenter and actress has often turned to Carol's expertise for various public appearances, trusting her instinct and style.
Audra McDonald: The multi-talented singer and actress Audra McDonald has collaborated with Carol for numerous projects, reflecting a shared passion for elegance and innovation.
Jorja Smith: Carol's collaboration with the acclaimed singer-songwriter Jorja Smith is especially noteworthy. Together, they've created some iconic looks that resonate with Jorja's unique style and musical ethos.

In addition to these notable figures, Carol has also worked with various models for different fashion shows, adding her creative touch to some of the industry's most exciting runway moments.

Carol's artistry extends beyond individual clients to include collaborations with leading magazines and media outlets. Her work has been prominently featured in:

Vogue: A symbol of fashion excellence, Carol's contributions to Vogue underline her status as a leading stylist in the industry.
The Cut: Known for cutting-edge style and contemporary trends, The Cut has showcased Carol's work on several occasions.
GQ: With a focus on men's fashion and grooming, Carol's collaboration with GQ highlights her ability to cater to diverse style needs and aesthetics.

Carol's styling philosophy centers around individuality, authenticity, and artistic expression. She believes in enhancing her clients' natural beauty and aligning her work with their personalities and needs. Whether it's a glamorous red carpet look or a subtle, refined appearance for a photoshoot, Carol's work embodies a perfect blend of sophistication and creativity.

Her approach to styling is collaborative and intuitive, involving clients in the creative process and ensuring that their vision and preferences are integral to the final outcome. This personalized touch has earned Carol both professional acclaim and the trust of her high-profile clients.

Carol Lopez Reid