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Bola Obileye

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Bola Molly Obileye has an infectious sense of fun combined with strong food and drink bona fides that has recently come to the nation’s attention thanks to her appearance on Gordan Ramsay’s Future Food Stars on the BBC.

Her story is truly inspirational - Bola’s personal health transformation has garnered her press coverage as a British wellness expert who is relatable to the average person. Bola completely altered her personal wellness by dropping a remarkable 24kg, which she has maintained through healthy eating and lifestyle. Her companies Skinny Cook and Jitterbug allow the general public to try her take on delicious food and beverages that also promote health and wellness.

Starting out professionally as an IT consultant Bola decided to change her career path and retrain as a chef. She’s gone on to launch successful food and drink brands, Skinny Cook sells a wide range of products from cake mixes to spice mixes and her own low-fat take on the Nigerian classic Jollof sauce. Her drinks range Jitterbug harnesses the natural healing properties of Apple Cider Vinegar and is available to buy at over 600 Holland and Barrett stores across Britain.

Her colourful retro 1950s fashions and love of classic cars also make Bola stand out as a style inspiration and led her to create her own label Tote London with an emphasis on colourful African prints.

Bola offers a fresh take on the wellness market that’s fun and approachable, as well as being a trail blazer for personal style and the retro lifestyle. She has a wide range of experiences across television, digital and building brands.

Bola Obileye