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Gemma Rose Breger talks Marilyn Monroe...

November 22 2011

Our lovely stylist Gemma Rose Breger has been looking to everyones favourite icon Marilyn Monroe as the spotlight is on her yet again with the release of a new movie…

"To celebrate the launch of ‘My week with Marilyn’ I have looked into how fashion is still very much influenced by Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was a major style icon from the 50’s and her outfits are still very much embraced by the British high street and designers today. She oozed sex appeal and even though she looked ultra-glamorous at all times it was rumoured that she always dressed for comfort first. Jill Taylor, the costume designer for the movie ‘My week with Marilyn,’ talks about how Marilyn was ahead of her time in terms of style, “She was the Calvin Klein girl before there even was Calvin Klein. In private, she kept to very simple lines and silhouettes." Marilyn would always show off her body whilst maintaining her modesty.

French Connection Lucky Star Halter Dress

"There are many pieces out there that are very much influenced by Marilyn Monroe, and the 50’s is a trend that can still be seen so predominantly in fashion today. One of her iconic looks include the gold lame dress designer by William Travilla, Marilyn’s leading costume designer, which she wore to claim her award for ‘Fastest Rising Star of 1952.’ The dress was an extremely deep V at the front and was frowned upon in the 50’s for being too revealing; however there are more subtle versions available from French Connection and Mulberry today.

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