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Pearl Lowe’s Vintage Craft book!

March 13 2013

Peal Lowe's Vintage Craft Peal Lowe’s Vintage Craft book to be released soon…

We are excited to be counting down to the release of designer Pearl Lowe’s new Interiors and Craft book - Pearl Lowe’s Vintage Craft.

Come the 9th May, we will see the book’s release which is currently on pre-order from Amazon (check here).

Designer Pearl Lowe Designer Pearl Lowe

In this beautiful and inspiring craft book, Pearl shares her designer secrets and shows you how to capture her unique vintage style in your own home.

Any enquiries for Pearl Lowe and Pearl Lowe’s Vintage Craft, please contact us on 020 7482 1555.

Pearl Lowe's Vintage Craft Pearl Lowe’s Vintage Craft