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Talent Spotlight: Sarah Jagger

July 06 2017

Sarah Jagger's feature on Beauticate.

London-based, Australian born, Sarah Jagger is a make-up dynamo whose beauty is matched by skill. With a masterful stroke, Sarah has transformed some of the finest faces in the business including Reese Witherspoon and Mischa Barton. She also writes about beauty for a range of publications and frequently appears on morning television in the UK to talk about tips and trends.

With two painters for parents, it was inevitable that I’d end up doing something creative but it wasn’t until I started modelling at 14 that I realised how much I loved fashion.

I wasn’t cut out for modelling (too short, too curvy, too shy, too awkward) but I loved being on shoots and thought the makeup artists had the best job.

As soon as I left school I traveled to London to study makeup. After graduating from makeup academy I spent years slowly working my way up, but I’ve had some incredibly lucky breaks along the way. To me fashion is the most incredible platform for artists to collaborate, something magic happens when all the right people come together on a shoot.

The truth about makeup is…

That one brilliant product can only do so much… But layering and cocktailing lots of products very sheerly is the key to complexion awesome-ness.

Sometimes I can use up to seven different foundation colours and textures to make a model or celebrity’s complexion appear impeccable. I’m always trying out new skincare to write about in my columns and use in my kit so my routine can be fairly high maintenance at times.

I may not like spending too much time on beauty but layering lots of skincare is actually pretty quick and doing it properly is SO worth it. The products I use may change but the steps stay pretty much the same.