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Carl Campbell

Hair Stylist
Hair & Makeup

Carl Campbell's journey from model to highly acclaimed hairdresser reflects his passion for beauty and style, a passion that has been his driving force throughout his career. As a model, Carl was exposed to the creative world of hair design, and it was during this time that he became captivated by the artistry behind hairstyling. This fascination led him to pivot his career and dive headfirst into the world of hairdressing, a decision that would prove to be both bold and rewarding.

As a child, Carl's love for hair was apparent. He found joy in the textures, styles, and transformative power that hair held. This early fascination became the foundation of his future career. When Carl decided to transition into hairdressing, he sought out the best training opportunities, becoming an apprentice at Hype Coiffure. Under the tutelage of some of the UK's top Afro hairstylists, Carl's talent flourished.

Carl's training was more than just learning the techniques of cutting and styling; it was an immersive education in the world of Afro hair. He became a part of stage shows, sharing his skills and knowledge, and educating other hairdressers on the complexities and beauty of Afro hair. But what set Carl apart was his commitment to being a well-rounded, versatile stylist. While specializing in Afro hair, he also honed his skills in working with all hair types, allowing him to connect with a diverse clientele.

This unique blend of specialization and versatility has made Carl a sought-after name in the world of fashion, music, and film. He has had the opportunity to work with iconic figures, creating stunning looks that complement their individual styles and personalities. From supermodels to pop stars, Carl's clients have come to rely on his creative vision and expert hands to bring their hair to life.

But Carl's influence extends beyond the celebrities and public figures he has worked with. He is a source of inspiration for aspiring hairdressers, a testament to what can be achieved with passion, dedication, and the courage to follow one's heart. His work is not just about styling hair; it's about creating an experience, a moment of transformation that empowers and enhances the natural beauty of his clients.

His approach is collaborative, understanding the needs and desires of his clients, and translating them into stunning and wearable styles. He infuses his work with creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of the cultural and personal significance of hair. Whether working on a high-profile fashion shoot or a personal styling session, Carl's commitment to excellence shines through.

Carl Campbell's story is a reminder that our paths in life are shaped by our passions and choices. From model to master hairdresser, Carl's career reflects a journey of discovery, growth, and artistic fulfillment. In embracing his love for hair and daring to follow a new path, Carl has not only built a successful career but has also contributed to the richness and diversity of the hairdressing industry.

Carl Campbell