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Water Tower - Hertfordshire

This Victorian Water Tower is an 82 foot tower in a sunken garden of approx 1 acre of woodland and lawn.

This secret gem is nestled in the deepest Herts country side, only 24 miles from Elstree Studios or 30 minutes fast train from Kings Cross, with an 8 mins Uber drive.

Stunning views from the roof terrace, reached by a spiral staircase. The original beams and stonework, together with an elegant Swedish white ceramic burner and a limestone flooring, are just a few of the architectural features, while the interior decoration concept is centred on echoing the eccentricity of a water tower designed by our victorian ancestors to be dramatic, playful yet functional.

There are two large bedrooms, a 5 x 5.5metres sitting room and dining room, light well and hall, roof terrace, top garden and sunken garden. The kitchen is at your disposal for teas/coffee, meals etc and the conservatory with full length blinds would be good as a make up/ dressing room. The roof terrace has 4 abseiling fixtures .

There is a large drive that can host 8 cars and a large lawn that can have some hard standing to allow for vans to park there. There are lots of secure outbuildings. WiFi and electrical points is available throughout the property. There is lighting in the gardens.

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