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Sunbeam Studios W10

Sunbeam Studios is a unique blend of Edwardian elegance and modern aesthetic. Its three large halls and meeting room connect via a mezzanine for lounging, dining or shooting, and grand marble terrazzo staircases. 

Large changing rooms and three comfortable sofa areas, all studios containing minibar for client comfort. Drive in access.

Studio 1 = 3,200 sq.ft

Wrap-around j-cove 44 (width) x 15 (height) feet

Lighting truss** at 20ft high  (box truss 33ft x 24ft).
Daylight to full black-out, large North and South facing windows.
Marble terrazzo staircase and mezzanine for dining, lounging or to shoot from.
Access to large garden. Large changing rooms for hair and make up / sofa areas for client comfort with backwash facilities.
Connects with Studios 2 and 4 for larger productions.

Studio 2 = 3,000 sq.ft

24 feet width x 22 feet height

Vaulted ceiling, height to apex 31 feet

Garden Access

Additional side room for production, changing or retouching

Studio 3 = 1, 500 sq.ft

10 x 10 foot white floor featuring both north and south facing windows

Elegant period features with vaulted ceiling

Studio 4 = 600 sq.ft

North and South facing windows with black out blinds and classic white oak flooring

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