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Moat Cottage

As the name suggests  the cottage is surrounded by a moat and is accessible by its own  bridge, turning  it into a private island . There is a hot tub and boats are provided!

There are 6 bedrooms , all with ensuite bathrooms. 

Moat Cottage is situated  on an estate of some 8,000 acres, described by those who manage it as a “wild arcadia”. A number of restored period properties marry old-world charm with sharp design-led interiors. Lofty spaces, with an abundance of natural light, are a match for photo shoots that demand English countryside at their most elegant.

Outdoors, superlative English nature is a grand backdrop, with its lakes, woodlands and wildflower meadows. Landscape one-offs may be found in the sunken pool , while its tennis courts offer an ideal spot for sports brands

Based in Suffolk, the post code for the area is TP17 - 

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