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Hilles House - Stroud

Hilles House stands majestically on the edge of Gloucestershire’s rolling Cotswold hills, surveying 5 counties from its breathtaking promontory. It’s flanked by generous lawns on both sides and bordered by great yew hedges, dry stone walls and carefully tended flower and shrub beds and sits in a private estate comprising 1000 acres. The house was designed in 1916 by the current inhabitant's grandfather, both named Detmar Blow, who was a contemporary of William Morris and part of the Arts and Crafts movement, some of the furnishings dates from this time including tapestries and a large carpet that was designed by William Morris. Hilles House has a genuinely bohemian history which is reflected in its interior decoration, which has plenty of drama and colour, including a wood-panelled bedroom with a striking orange four-poster bed or unusual features like suits of armour and a large gilt coat of arms above the fireplace in the great hall.

The house has a strong heritage of hosting figures from the fashion industry and has appeared in fashion editorials for British Vogue, Teen Vogue, Tatler and Tank magazines. Hilles House and garden are ideal for brands and editorial titles that want to shoot in an eccentric, beautiful and unusual English country house.

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