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Vodafone - World of Difference Programme Ambassador

January 17 2012

Gok Wan - Vodafone World of Difference Programme

Gok is passionately involved in a number of charities, but it was one in particular that opened his eyes to just how many were out there when he was named the ambassador of a Vodafone Foundations programme.

“When you are on the TV and you are ‘famous’, one of the most useful things you can do is generate PR for people that really need it instead of running up and down the red carpet.”

The Vodafone World of Difference programme gives people right across the UK the chance to work for a charity of their choice for two months, and get paid for it. It’s open to anyone over 18 in the UK who has the enthusiasm, drive and commitment to donate themselves to a charity.

Over the years the charity has helped hundreds of people bring their skills and experience to the charities of their choice by matchmaking them with their ideal organisation.You can try it here on Charity Matchmaker.

"I’m all about confidence and feeling good about yourself, that’s why I love World of Difference so much" said Gok. "Nothing makes you feel better than getting involved in your community. This is a unique chance to go out there, donate yourself to a charity and get paid for it! So come on people, get in touch with your local charity or check out the matchmaker tool which will match you with your perfect charity. Your community needs you!"

This year’s winners are to be announced this month, but you can find out more information about applying for next years programme by logging on

Gok Wan - Vodafone World of Difference Campaign
Gok Wan - Vodafone World of Difference Campaign