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1969 Chrysler Imperial Le Baron

Our 1969 Imperial Le Baron is a truly classic American car.  In 1955, Chrysler decided to spin off it’s top-of-the-line luxury brad Imperial into its own division, to better compete with North American rivals, Lincoln and Cadillac.  Imperial would see a new generation body style introduced every 2-3 years, with technologies that would then filter down to the Chrysler models.

Our Imperial Le Baron 4-door hardtop is a fourth-generation Imperial featuring new styling introduced in 1969.  The new styling made the cars look longer and wider, with more head, leg and shoulder room than any car in its type, and is presented in Champagne Gold.  Our car was featured with its previous owner, in the Oct/Nov 1991 of Classics American magazine, detailing the history of our car, from its origin in Georgia, USA to its arrival in England.  Now housed in London, we believe that our 1969 Imperial is the only Le Baron in Europe – ensuring that it provides guaranteed attention.

Ideal for filming and video shoots.

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