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Hadda Akrim


Passionate facialist with over 7 years of experience with a back to basic holistic approach to treatments.

I believe that if we keep skincare and treatments minimal and bespoke we can achieve the best results. Skin always has been of huge interest having suffered from severe acne myself I was always looking for the right treatment and trying out different products for years. I noticed that when I started to focus on ensuring my skin was balanced I achieved the best results. I strongly advocate a healthy lifestyle, how we feel is how we look therefor during my treatments I like to focus on not only deep cleansing and nourishing the skin but also stimulating all the nerve endings, releasing tensions by using different massage techniques and ancient rituals such as Gua Sha and Reflexology.

I like to give clients that recharged feeling and glowing skin when they leave the treatment room.  

Hadda Akrim