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Chiswick House W4

This stunning property marries traditional old world charm and mid-century modern decor with great success.

Features generous sized rooms with high pressed metal ceilings and natural light, a show stopping entrance complete with stained glass windows, tiled floor and winding staircase. 

Other stand out features include a claw foot bath, study/library with laddered bookcase, a modern glass extension to the rear with marble kitchen island, natural wood panels, sliding glass doors and a large banquet table making it a winner for a chic culinary shoot. The exterior has fantastic curb appeal and back garden has a large expanse of manicured lawn surrounded by evergreen shrubbery and a large weeping willow tree.
Perfect for lifestyle, lookbooks and interior shoots.

Please book in advance as this property is super popular due to it's style and space! Painting and decorating permitted by prior arrangement.

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