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Helen Sisley

Presenters & Brands

Helen Sisley will be gracing television screens as a presenter for the first time this summer, co-hosting a prime-time home interiors show alongside one of the icons of British broadcasting.  

Ambitious and talented, Helen graduated with a first class honours degree in Architecture as well as winning the dissertation prize for her thesis on philosophy and architecture, and has practised as an architect in Hong Kong, London and Barbados on both residential and commercial projects. Helen has a broad range of architectural skills and displays a commitment to elegant and sophisticated functional design that strongly focuses on how it is experienced at a human scale.

Now based in London, since having her son she has broadened her work as an architect to include other property-related enterprises and will shortly launch an exciting new business for luxury property and wellness concierge services called ‘The Happy Couch’.  This business brings together Helen’s keen interest in the many different ways in which residential property features in our lives today, be it for accommodation whilst travelling, finding and creating our dream home, or for optimising our fitness, health and beauty lives. The Happy Couch includes: management services for property owners (host), properties for short term rental and design and acquisition services (stay), lifestyle concierge services (live), home concierge services (make) and wellness concierge services (love).

We are delighted to be launching to the viewing public this accomplished and articulate expert on architecture and property, who combines skill and creativity with an authoritative and energetic demeanour, and we are confident that this is just the beginning of a super-successful television and media career.

Helen Sisley