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Grace Vee - Makeup

Makeup Artist
New Talent

Grace Vee, London born and raised. 

Art background heavily influenced by harmony korine, Wolfgang tillmans.

Trained at London College of Fashion.

Assisted top artists.

Publications include: telegraph fashion, wonderland, dazed digital, King Kong, recens paper, nii journal, the fader, high snobiety, playboy, bricks magazine, boys by girls, law magazine, bullet magazine, sicky magazine, schon, vice, indie mag

Clients: clio peppiatt, show studio, martine rose, Sadie Williams, Maharishi, g star raw, wolf and badger, Sophie Cullcandy, Hades Wool, fortie label

Artists: cosima, krept and konan, Bip Ling, Delilah, celeste, Lola Coca, Jessica Anne Woodley, Dream Wif

Grace Vee - Makeup